Hospitality Calendar of Events 2021

Make sure you don't miss major global events and award submissions!

Download a free calendar of hospitality events in 2021! If you are a hotel, restaurant, spa, coffeeshop, major brand chain or an independent, you will find this calendar of event valuable.

It will help you to stay informed of what's happening in hospitality world and stay on top of your marketing and editorial calendar.

So far, the calendar includes:

  • Some* major global sports events

  • Specialist wine days and some* international food and drink days
    (cinnamon buns, pizza, and
    coffee included)

  • Hospitality awards and ceremonies with current confirmed dates
    (submissions, deadlines and announcements)

  • Calendar events
    (the likes of Blue Monday and Random Acts of Kindness Day)

*Why some? There are so, so many sports events and themed food days. It's a dangerous rabbit whole to get into. I am regularly adding more dates to these categories and will send you updates regularly (monthly-ish) so you don't miss out.

These categories will also be added shortly:

  • Marketing awards related to hospitality
    (submissions, deadlines and announcements)

  • Hospitality conferences and events (virtual or not)

What's the format?

To make it work for most people and all different management tools, it's just a good old simple excel spreadsheet (.csv), nothing fancy.

With lots of events TBC and TBA for next year still, this is going to be a live calendar and I will update you as things change and dates are announced!

Do you have any questions about the calendar or would like to see a specific event on it that you think I missed? Let me know 👉

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