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Maria Malaniia

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How do you communicate what makes you different?

Do you have the tools with your brand's vision, values, and unique selling point?

By tools I mean, social media posts, presentations, documents that you share with your clients, documents that you use internally, and content that you use to reach your audience.

Is it consistent? Is it on brand? Does it solve your audience's problem?

brand management services

Making the brand work for you

Let's make your vision operational for you and your team, not just an idea.

Working with professional designers to develop your brand is important, but it's equally important to make it work for your day to business management.

For example, visual identity:

  • Is it within your budget?

  • Does it actually serve a purpose?

  • Is the design functional?

I will make it work for you and your day to day business by converting it into something actually practical.

Marketing & Sales materials

Do you have a presentation template?

Do you have sales assets?

Take a look at your sales and marketing materials and help your team communicate more efficiently.

For example, your pitch deck:

  • Is it easily adaptable?

  • Does it have a bank of best practice examples?

  • Do you have an easy 1-page document to share?

Communicate clearly and effectively through your brand assets.

internal templates

Have you tried to set up project management and tracking templates in excel but failed miserably?

Don't worry, excel and dashboards and formulas can be a pain, leave me to it and I can make it work for you.

For example, project tracking:

  • What projects are we working on?

  • What's the budget overview?

Each excel template is individual to your company's needs and your personal preferences. Almost anything can be organised neatly.

virtual event management

Do you hate hosting virtual meetings? Do you find it frustrating having to host the meeting as well as deliver the content?

Stop right here, you need an event manager to host your meetings and events so you can stop worrying about the organisation.

For example, I'll look after:

  • Agenda set up

  • Each session's plan

  • Interactive concepts and tools

  • Tech check with the speakers

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Who is maria?

A curious human being, a bit of an introvert and a bit of an extrovert. I care, sometimes too much, but am learning to set boundaries and let go of things outside of my control.

From fast food to Michelin stars

Wanting to work with people and not sit in front of a laptop, I chose the restaurant space at the start of my career. I loved learning and working my way from Stockholm's amusement park, to the Michelin star fine dining scene in Helsinki.

Luxury brand management

By embracing the opportunities presented to me, I joined the luxury and boutique brand management team at IHG. Working on global and European projects, I ensured a consistent and on-brand guest experience through various photography, visual identity, brand standards, and hallmarks projects.

That's me


I care, a bit too much sometimes, and always listen to understand the other's perspective.


Your team ultimately delivers the service, so I make sure to develop for the end-user as well as the audience.


Looking for new ways, asking questions, and just staying curious to learn new things.

How I work

  • I work together with you and your team, making sure you are involved and feel understood so that I can deliver a valuable output for you.

  • I ask a lot of questions, I provide options and examples so that you can make an informed decision.

  • Working hours vary, but I will always be on time for our meetings.

What you get

  • Straightforward action plans and proposals.

  • Delivered on time and to agreed expectations.

  • Consistent communication and flexible availability.

  • Tested and working product (document, presentation, whatever is needed).

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